World’s 1st All-in-One MicroLED
Porotech’s game changing DynamicPixelTuning ® (DPT ®) technology
offers an entirely new approach to full colour microLED displays.

Realisation of Full Colour

from a Single Emitter

Mixing Colour with DPT ®

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Display Level Advantages of DPT ®

Larger Emitting Area

Multiply the brightness,

without losing resolution.


Greater Pixel Density

Multiply the resolution,

without losing brightness.


Highest Brightness

Incorporate lenses at the pixel and wafer level to collimate the light.


Manufacturing Ease

Only one manufacturing process for one type of LED: DPT provides full colour from a single wafer. No need to manufacture, singulate, transfer, bond and repair separate R, G & B.


Lower Power Consumption

Only one set of drive electronics addressing each DPT pixel separately. If it doesn’t need to be on, it’s off.


Smallest Form Factor for a Full Colour Display

Only one slim display panel of DPT microLEDs required for a full colour display


Wide Colour Gamut

Tuneable wavelength all the way from red to blue, allowing each DPT pixel to access an extremely wide colour gamut & the whitest whites via colour mixing.



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