InGaN for All Colour!

What is PoroGaN® ?

A special epitaxy material made by a unique recipe, it’s Porotech’s exclusive MicroLED InGaN material.

4”-12” Wafers,
All Colour We Can Do!

Generally, common substrate sizes fall between 4 and 6 inches, and subsequent processing options are limited. The patented formula of Porotech Laboratory allows epitaxy to grow more stably on large-sized (8 to 12 inch) carriers. In addition, sapphire and silicon materials are provided. Whether you want to choose LED back-end processing or semiconductor back-end processing, either is a piece of cake.

Manufacturing Ease,
Saving Unnecessary Trouble

In the past, three types of chips, R/G/B, were needed to form a full-color MicroLED. However, the G/B colours can be made of InGaN. Red cannot use InGaN due to its different luminous characteristics. As a result, a unique chip must be tailor-made for red light during the design stage. Optical modules and ICs even open special production lines, which wastes additional manpower and material resources.

PoroGaN®exclusively develops InGaN red MicroLED, which makes RGB three-colour materials consistent, integrates optics, simplifies inventory preparation, reduces line replacement costs, and improves conversion yield. Porotech InGaN red light allows MicroLED to appear faster in your and my lives.


4”-12” Wafers,
All Colour We Can Do!

Before, red light acquisition had to use AlGaInP materials due to technical barriers. The poor thermal stability of AlGaInP leads to a significant decline in brightness. Once used for too long or the ambient temperature is too high, it can easily cause colour casts and lead to imaging differences.
® ‘s world-exclusive InGaN inorganic material, when paired with InGaN green light and blue light, can form synchronous color light fine-tuning to ensure the color accuracy of imaging and make every frame of your image flawless.


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