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Full Colour

What is DPT®

DPT® technology uses precise control of current and timing to manage colours individually on a single LED chip,
displaying most colours in the visible spectrum to achieve wider and more beautiful full-colour displays.

Advantages of DPT®

Larger Emitting Area
Reduces the LED Needs of the Panel

DPT®’s unique optical module has a wider illumination window compared with traditional LEDs. In the same area, the number of MicroLEDs used can be reduced, meaning product costs are reduced while maintaining the same high resolution image quality.


Greater Pixel Density
More Detailed Picture Quality

DPT® uses a single LED chip to replace the traditional R/G/B three-color light combination method, saving 2/3 of the volume. It also means that the original spacing can be greatly reduced, and the image resolution presented in the same unit area will be higher, which is suitable for near-eye use. 

Higher Brightness
not Dimmed by Strong Outdoor Lighting

Porotech’s MicroLEDs use inorganic PoroGaN material which emits light directly without reflection, has high stability and ultra-high brightness, and perfectly solves the low visibility of traditional LEDs in high-contrast environments such as sunlight and snow. All this leads to a vastly improved user experience.

Manufacturing Ease,
Save on More than Just Costs

Different from ordinary traditional bonding, Porotech introduces semiconductor manufacturing process and wafer to wafer bonding technology, increasing product yield and accelerating the MicroLED development. In addition, our DPT® LEDs also useless electricity compared with traditional LEDs.


Smaller than ever!
Easier to Apply to Wearable Devices

There is no need to stack R/G/B three-color chips, just one can emit any desired color. The volume can be saved by about 70% compared with ordinary push-and-stack MicroLEDs, and it can easily adapt to various wearable devices without causing wearing burden.

Wider Colour Gamut,
Find Your Destined Light!

DPT®‘s dynamic dimming has a wider visible light spectrum than the traditional RGB spectrum,
and the image presentation is more colorful.

Ready for the Next Generation Lighting


What is DPT®?

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