• Redefining what is possible with our breakthrough Porous GaN production technique

  • A high-performance platform enabling new frontiers for electronics and optoelectronics

Why GaN?

– Top candidate to replace or complement conventional semiconductors
– High applicability in consumer electronics
– Poised to become the 2nd most used semiconductor globally

Porous GaN: A different kind of GaN

– Innovative
– Breakthrough platform technology
– Synergies with standard semiconductor processes

  • Epitaxy ready
  • Substrate compatibility (Al2O3, Si, SiC, GaN etc.)
  • High quality crystals
  • Independent of substrate size (50mm – 300mm)
  • Nano scale precision
  • Engineered optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties
  • Mature Technology for scaling-up & mass production
  • Reduced complexity