Process and Materials Technician

About the Company

Poro Technologies Ltd (Porotech) utilises its core porous GaN platform technology and global supply chain to deliver next generation microLED technologies into applications from AR glasses to videowalls. The PoroGaN® platform enables Porotech to produce both high colour purity monochrome microLED technology and multi/full colour displays based on its’ ground-breaking DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) technology.

The DPT® technology offers an entirely new approach to full colour microLED displays. DPT means the end of ‘RGB’ sub-pixels and instead allows a single pixel to be designated any colour in the visible spectrum. This simplifies & improves the design of the display and optical system and removes major manufacturing roadblocks.


Role Summary

To undertake the processes and procedures to process and characterise the products of Porous Technologies Ltd.


Detailed Responsibilities

  • Work within a clean room environment to process the products of Porotech including low volume R&D batches and higher volume repetitive processing of established products, following SOPs and Work instructions. Able to flexible in working on new processes to develop operating procedures in tandem with process engineers.
  • To work in a safe and efficient manner, using required PPE and controls to ensure a safe working environment for the position holder and their colleagues. Ensure housekeeping standards are achieved for the safety of colleagues and the assurance of product yield.
  • Process wafers with care and attention, to deliver high yields and low scrap rates.
  • Work with the engineering teams to provide feedback on processing issues and investigate yield issues.
  • Assist in the cross training of team members and new starters to ensure process robustness and process consistency.
  • Undertake first line maintenance and weekly/daily/hourly process checks and controls to defined procedures to ensure processes are kept within the required limits.
  • Undertake initial troubleshooting of equipment issues, following escalation plans to enable equipment and process engineers to understand the faults seen and work with them to resolve and contain any non-compliant products.
  • Understand the daily and weekly targets and work to achieve these consistently while ensuring product and process quality is maintained through the quality control procedures.
  • Work as part of the processing team to identify improvements and implement agreed changes. Flexible approach to work duties to ensure coverage of schedule requirements within a small team. Willing to speak on issues found in meetings with people throughout the organisation.
  • Ensure the operation complies to the quality management system of the business and work to develop the QMS to improve the processes utilised.


Skills/Experience required:

  • Scientific or engineering background in appropriate subject areas or knowledge gained through experience.
  • Organised, structured approach to the work environment to ensure accurate records are maintained.
  • Ability to use optical inspection tools and undertake fine assembly processes.
  • Willingness to develop skills as the needs of the product and process evolve.
  • Hands on approach, able to work in an agile and changing environment.
  • Desire to develop and progress in a fast changing work situation.



At Porotech, we would like you to enjoy the success of the company to emerge from the UK and lead the world’s III-nitride semiconductor development, which you will be helping to build and be part of. It is an ideal time to join with a business with unique technology and products that are ready to be delivered and going to change the market.

Competitive salary dependent on experience. The ideal candidate will benefit from health insurance, dental insurance and pension plan. If you are interested in helping us change the world, send your CV with a cover letter to We look forward to making your acquaintance. Must have right to work in the UK.