Material Engineer (ME)

About the Company

Poro Technologies Ltd (Porotech), the Gallium Nitride (GaN) material technology developer, focuses on the development of high performance and energy efficient wide-bandgap compound GaN semiconductors. Its unique production process allows the controlled creation of a new class of nanostructured GaN semiconductor materials, called PoroGaNTM, engineered to deliver new materials properties and functionalities.

GaN is the silicon of the future, as it has many more interesting properties, including energy efficiency, than any other semiconductor materials. We can control the porosification process to vary the GaN nanostructures and hence engineer a wide range of material properties, such as optical, mechanical, thermal and electrical.

In conjunction with its partner and foundry network, Porotech is commercialising its PoroGaNTM semiconductor device solutions, offering an entirely new platform for MicroLED devices to be built upon and delivering transformative properties in a single, fully scalable step.

The technology is revolutionising the next-generation Micro-LED display industry by enabling all three (red, green and blue) pixel colours to be realised on a single InGaN materials system – an important world-first for mass market adoption.

About the role

We are now recruiting a skilled Material Engineer (ME) with experiences in the properties and behaviours of semiconductor materials to create chemical/electrical/optical functionality, working with silicon wafers, GaN-on-sapphire wafers, and chemical solutions and solvents, to join our multi-disciplinary team. This is an important role in our fast-growing company to revolutionise the future and is responsible for designing and developing processes used to produce porous GaN wafers at mass production.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Develop new etching process for GaN porosification;
  • Develop/implement on-line monitoring methods for wet etching production line;
  • Optimise off-line optical inspection techniques, such as PL mapper, to monitor wafer’s quality parameters, such as uniformity, reproducibility of process;
  • Implement/debug/test modelling/simulation tools for porous materials’ property-performance correlations;
  • Design and conduct experiments on test bench to verify new materials and new processes;
  • Work closely with engineering team and line managers to develop methods and models for process monitoring, fault detection and predictive control;
  • Project management within time constrained environments;
  • Developing standard of procedure, work instruction, troubleshooting documents.


Skills/Experience required:

  • Minimum three years’ professional experience in semiconductor chemical etching environment.
  • Demonstrable experience of experiment design, material characterisation and process development.
  • Demonstrable experience of engineering data analysis.
  • Experiences in modelling and simulation using MATLAB and Python (an advantage).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A strong analytical and problem solver and ability to working in a problem-oriented team



At Porotech, we would like you to enjoy the success of the company to emerge from the UK and lead the world’s III-nitride semiconductor development, which you will be helping to build and be part of. It is an ideal time to join with a business with unique technology and products that are ready to be delivered and going to change the market.

Competitive salary dependent on experience. The ideal candidate could also benefit from a generous company share option program as well as health insurance, dental insurance and pension plan. If you are interested in helping us change the world, send your CV with a cover letter to We look forward to making your acquaintance.