About Us

Providing MicroLEDs for Everyone, Everywhere

Porotech is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, co-founded in 2018 by Dr Tongtong Zhu, Dr Yingjun Liu, and Professor Rachel Oliver after a decade of research and development in GaN-related materials and device applications. The company officially moved out of the university after the first equity investment in January 2020.

Whilst researching the use of engineered porosity in GaN (eventually trademarked as PoroGaN®) to access new material functionalities and properties, Porotech discovered that PoroGaN could be applied to many semiconductor-based applications. We developed our new trademarked technology, DynamicPixelTuning® Technology (DPT®), for microLEDs, using our proprietary PoroGaN material, which enables a single microLED chip to produce any visible colour from a single pixel, including white light. As a result, this technology is set to revolutionise the display and semiconductor industries.

Together, our senior management teams are equipped with over 15 years of experience in semiconductors and optoelectronics. Our growing team comprises of 50+ employees based across Cambridge Headquarters (UK), Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Arizona (USA). In February 2023, we celebrated the opening of our new Cambridge Headquarters equipped with a brand new lab and clean room, as well as the open day of our Taiwan site with demonstrations of our technologies.

We are a microLED pioneer and global gallium nitride (GaN) material technology developer, with a revolutionary approach to GaN-based RGB microLEDs. This company redefined what is possible with the creation of a new class of porous gallium nitride semiconductor materials and structures with enhanced behaviour. With our development of PoroGaN® and DynamicPixelTuning®, Porotech is revolutionising the display and semiconductor industries, ushering a new age of display technology, and making LED displays available to everyone. Since we were founded, we have received a number of coveted awards and recognition for our achievements, such as the I-Zone “Best Prototype” Award at Display Week 2022, the IOP “Business Start-Up” Award, SID’s People’s Choice Award for “Best New Display Component”, and the International Business Awards Gold Stevie for “Emerging Technology”, among many more.

Our technology is customisable and adaptable, and with it, we can work and succeed together with our customers. We aim to have our technology in all displays by 2030; if the market is not ready, we will be. We will continue to work on our technology and with our customers to deliver our promise of microLEDs for everyone, everywhere.


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