Porotech Wins 2024 SID Best MicroLED-Based Technology

[ 16th May, 2024 Cambridge ]

Porotech, a pioneer in micro-LED and GaN-based semiconductor material technology, garnered significant acclaim from professionals at the annual optical-display industry event, SID Display Week 2024. With its world-first microLED projector, Porotech was honoured with the “Best MicroLED-Based Technology” award.

Porotech will exhibit many state-of-art technology products at the SID Display Week from May 14 to 16, 2024; in addition to the PoroGaN® monochrome 0.26″ RGB microdisplay, the exclusive DPT® (Dynamic Pixel Tuning® technology) monolithic polychrome full-colour Micro LED display was still the star of the show. Extending this concept, we also present the adaptive DPT® AR glasses high-contrast display solution, which can automatically detect the external environment and switch content colour to the contrasting colour of the background, making the content more accessible to identify without rendering delay.

Porotech shows vertical integration capabilities from the material, processing, and application end during the show. It not only exhibited PoroGaN® mass production wafer 4 to 12-inch series, LED back-end processing series, semiconductor hybrid bonding process, 0.12″ microdisplay, AR glasses, and light engines produced using this process on 8-inch InGaN wafers now demonstrate Porotech’s determination and achievements in the mass production of MicroLEDs.

Another highlight product of Porotech is the world’s first MicroLED micro projector, built with 0.61-inch panel. The colours are saturated and bright, even with ceiling lights at the venue. Despite the interference, the image is still clearly visible. Most of the panels of ordinary micro projectors are more than 3 inches in size, which is large and has high power consumption. This sample takes the diversified commercial applications of Micro LED a step further and has been recognized by all professionals and advanced experts present. Winner of the “Best MicroLED-Based Technology”.

Porotech founder and CEO Tongtong Zhu said:” “We are very honoured that our industry’s hard work has gradually grown and prospered. This honour belongs to all our Porotech partners! In the future, we will continue to promote the mass production of MicroLED microdisplays and truly implement the concept of ‘MicroLED for everyone, everywhere, every device “.”


Porotech welcomes any collaboration with potential partners and customers to develop and design monolithic full-colour Micro LED displays, projectors and light engines for next-generation AR glasses or any other display application that can leverage Porotech’s DPT® technology.