Display Week 2024

Porotech is relentless in advancing the commercialization of MicroLED technology.

In 2020, Porotech developed the proprietary material PoroGaN® and created the world’s first InGaN red display. This allowed R/G/B colours to use InGaN material without the need for additional line width conversion, marking a revolutionary step in process simplification. In 2022, traditional spatial mixing methods were replaced with temporal modulation in the existing technical framework, enabling native full-colour output with just a single LED, creating DPT® (Dynamic Pixel Tuning®). This advancement made MicroLED production more efficient and thinner while maintaining excellent display quality.

In 2024, we collaborated with world-renowned contract manufacturer Foxconn, foundry PSMC and optical touch integration company GIS, has formed an unprecedented new semiconductor MicroLED ecosystem, successfully lighting up a 0.12″ micro-display on the world’s first 8-inch GaN-on-silicon wafer marked a significant leap forward in future AR display technology.

Porotech is set to showcase the fruitful results of our MicroLED commercialization efforts at this year’s SID Display Week: micro-displays, AR glasses, micro-projectors, optical engine modules, HUD, HMD, and other applications. We will also exhibit our pride in the efficient PoroGaN® material and its backend processing applications, meeting the diverse needs of R&D from front-end to end-users. At the same time, we will also showcase the new concepts we have developed for AR display technology. Stay tuned for more information!

If you’re interested in our technology, please visit our booth at Display Week and discuss with our professional team!


======== 2024 SID Display Week Details =========

Date : 14-16th, May
Location:McEnry Convention Center, San Jose, California
– Tue, May 14 from 10:30–18:30
– Wed, May 15 from 09:00–17:00
– Thu, May 16 from 09:00–14:00


======== DSCC Speaker Details =========

Topic : The Road to Commercialization and Mass Production of MicroLEDs
Date : 13rd, May
Time : 04:35 pm, 20 mins
Speaker : Tongtong Zhu, Porotech CEO
Room : 230ab
Learn More : DSCC Agenda


======== SID Panel Discussions=========

Topic: The Future of XR Visualization
Date : 16th, May
Time : 09:45 am, 30 mins
Speaker : Tongtong Zhu, Porotech CEO
Room : Exhibit Hall, Center Stage