Porotech Reflects on a Pivotal 2023 and Anticipates a Promising 2024

[27th December, 2023. Cambridge]

Porotech, a leading innovator in display technology, is honoured to look back on the outstanding achievements and milestones of 2023.

In February, Porotech marked the beginning of innovation in 2023 with the opening of its new UK headquarters and a new office in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

In May, Porotech proudly showcased its revolutionary 0.26-inch Monolithic Polychrome DPT® (Dynamic Pixel Tuning® Technology) panel to the world. This advanced technology immediately caught the industry’s attention. It earned the product the People’s Choice Award for Best New Display Component at the annual SID Display Week event, the most important event in the LED industry. This recognition once again affirms Porotech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of display innovation. Subsequent appearances at AWE USA and the LEDinside Forum garnered significant attention wherever Porotech went.

After receiving the award, Porotech began to receive orders and continued to provide customers with the 0.26-inch Monolithic Polychrome DPT® Panel, receiving excellent feedback from clients. This marks a crucial step for Porotech towards the commercialization of MicroLED.

December 2023 marked a remarkable turning point for Porotech as the company announced a strategic partnership with Foxconn, a global electronics manufacturing leader. This collaboration aims to accelerate the commercialization of MicroLED technology, bringing transformative developments to the display industry. Porotech and Foxconn share the vision of redefining the future of display solutions, bringing the ultimate display technology, MicroLED, into people’s lives as soon as possible.

To more effectively handle research and management and provide outstanding products compliant with national standards to customers, Porotech has successfully obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. This achievement further demonstrates its commitment to quality management and industry benchmarks; undoubtedly, it is a significant honour and recognition for Porotech and its employees.

Looking ahead to 2024, Porotech is poised for even more significant achievements. The company will continue to push the limits of display technology, providing unparalleled visual experiences. It aims to expand strategic collaborations, enhance a new industry ecosystem, and bring innovative solutions to a global audience.

Porotech invites partners, customers, and industry enthusiasts to join this exciting journey and witness how the company, through pioneering technologies, is shaping a new future for display technology.


Porotech Milestones : 2019-2023


Poro Technologies Ltd (Porotech) is a trailblazer in MicroLED and gallium nitride (GaN) material technology, headquartered in Cambridge (UK), with R&D Centre in Hsinchu (Taiwan) and sales office in Chandler, Arizona (USA). Focused on pioneering advancements in display technology, Porotech’s pioneering PoroGaN® platform drives the development of ultra-small and efficient MicroLED chips. These chips emit the full visible spectrum of colours using a single GaN material system. The company’s breakthrough Dynamic Pixel Tuning® (DPT®®) technology further enhances display capabilities, enabling MicroLED pixels to emit visible colour at specific current densities. Porotech is committed to shaping the future of displays, offering unmatched brightness, energy efficiency, and vibrant colour solutions.
For more information, visit: www.porotech.com