Porotech Wins Cambridge Independent Science & Technology Award

18th May, 2023 – Porotech is thrilled to have won this year’s Cambridge Independent Science & Technology Award for Innovation!


This is a great honour, to have the company’s accomplishments recognised by the Cambridge Independent establishment. The Award for Innovation celebrates Porotech’s DynamicPixelTuning® technology: a game-changer in the display industry. Removing the need for red, green and blue sub-pixels, and enabling microLED-driven to increase overall pixel density by a factor of four, DPT® is the ultimate solution for the display industry. 


DynamicPixelTuning is the world’s first “all-in-one” microLED. Each DPT pixel is a single microLED emitter whose emission wavelength can be tuned all the way from red to blue and beyond, including white light. This removes the need for ‘RGB’ sub-pixels made from different material systems, and no further colour conversion/filtering or complex stacking architectures are required. DPT enables colour uniformity, eliminates complex fabrication processes, simplifies system design to deliver high-performance microLED displays and optical solutions, offers the most advanced approach to full-colour microLED displays, and brings these advantages to the whole display industry. Porotech’s technology has the potential to disrupt everything from virtual reality and augmented reality displays, to smart watches, laptops and TVs.