AWE USA 2023

Porotech exhibited at AWE USA in Santa Clara from 31st May to 2nd June 2023!

The Augmented World Expo is a series of major conferences and exhibitions (USA, EU, Asia) featuring the leading XR companies and speakers and the best networking in XR.

During this event, Porotech displayed our ground-breaking DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) technology, along with the world’s first 0.26 inch monolithic full-colour microLED display powered by DPT. The DPT pixel is a single microLED emitter whose emission wavelength can be tuned all the way from red to blue and beyond, including white light. This removes the need for ‘RGB’ sub-pixels made from different material systems, and no further colour conversion/filtering or complex stacking architectures are required. DPT enables colour uniformity, eliminates complex fabrication processes, simplifies system design to deliver high-performance microLED displays and optical solutions, offers the most advanced approach to full-colour microLED displays, and brings these advantages to the whole display industry.

On June 2nd, our CEO, Dr Tongtong Zhu, gave a talk on DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) – The Ultimate Solution for Microdisplays at the XR Enablement Track.


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