Cambridge Independent and LEDinside articles: Innovator Opens New State-of-the-Art Facility

Both the UK and Taiwan open days were a great success. Guests ranged from university professors to local government representatives, to LED industry workers. 

During the UK event, former Rolls-Royce CEO, Warren East, said “Porotech has some fundamental building blocks here to be hugely successful. Its innovation, the application of their hard work, and their ability to remain agile in how they approach the market and their customers means it’s all the more likely that something impressive will spring out of this building.” He later joined our CEO, Tongtong Zhu, in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

In the Taiwan event, CEO Tongtong Zhu commented: “This is only the beginning of Porotech in Taiwan, but I hope it will be collaborative and that we will produce progressive results as a team.”


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