White paper 3 release: Dynamic Pixel Tuning for Small area Displays

Our third white paper in the DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) series focuses on the use of DPT technology to make microLED-based small-area devices suitable for AR/VR applications.


This paper describes a generic microLED fabrication process to create a monolithic microdisplay for near-to-eye applications. Today, the best way to do achieve a full-colour single-display solution is to use quantum dots to convert some of the blue sub-pixels to red and green. With DPT®, quantum dot deposition is not necessary as each pixel can emit red, green, or blue light. The paper also describes some of the design advantages of using DPT® pixels, including the ability to achieve higher-density devices, or devices with higher efficiency.


The first white paper in the series, Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology, described technology developed by Porotech that can eliminate the RGB sub-pixel arrangement and instead allow a single pixel to be designated any colour in the visible spectrum.


The second white paper, Dynamic Pixel Tuning for Large Area Displays explained how traditional microLEDs are fabricated into larger displays and how DPT® technology can change the manufacturing process while offering new display level options – potentially leading to lower-cost and high yield solutions.


Download the white paper here.