Porotech is a cofinitive #21toWatch Top21.2022 winner!

3 March, 2022 – Pioneering micro-LED display technology company, Porotech are excited to have been named in the cofinitive #21toWatch campaign. The award recognises the People, Companies, and the ‘Things’ that they create that are setting the standards in innovation and entrepreneurship across globe.

Watch CEO, Tongtong Zhu, give the winning 60 second pitch

Porotech’s engineered porous gallium nitride (GaN) platform has delivered significant advances in micro-LED display technology, removing key roadblocks to its widespread adoption. Micro-LEDs offer superior brightness, resolution and contrast – revolutionising traditional display technologies like TV’s, laptop screens and smartphones. More excitingly, micro-LEDs are uniquely able to deliver the sharp, bright and fully immersive displays required for augmented, mixed and virtual reality (XR) glasses. XR glasses will replace the smartphone, allowing users to move seamlessly between the real and virtual worlds and providing hands-free assistance to every day, social and work-based tasks. Porotech are therefore one of the key ‘nuts and bolts’ companies enabling ‘the Metaverse’ to come to fruition.

Porotech’s CEO, Tongtong Zhu, receiving the award at an exclusive ceremony on 3rd March 2023

cofinitive’s founder Faye Holland said: “We are delighted that Porotech has been named in our Top21.2022 #21toWatch list, the accolade is well deserved, and we look forward to following their progress.”

“Over the past 12 months we’ve continued to collate hundreds of submissions in response to our #21toWatch campaign and the criteria we set was pretty tough: each submission, whether it was a company, individual or ‘thing’ that they create, had to demonstrate a set of attributes: Innovation; Challenge; Influence; Viability; and Memorability. Our independent judges all agreed that all our winners have the potential for huge impact or a personal, company or product basis”.
To find out more about the #21toWatch campaign visit www.cofinitive.com/21towatch