Unleash the potential of MicroLED display

DynamicPixelTuning® - a revolutionary approach to full colour microLED displays

Porotech’s game changing DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) technology offers an entirely new approach to full colour microLED displays. DPT means the end of ‘RGB’ sub-pixels and instead allows a single pixel to be designated any colour in the visible spectrum. This simplifies & improves the design of the display and optical system and removes major manufacturing roadblocks.

- Download whitepaper - Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology

Porotech develops and delivers Engineered PorousGaN® technology with material properties and functionalities tailored to wide-ranging applications

Porotech’s global team of innovators, scientists and industry experts believe new technology platforms can unleash the full potential of GaN to change the semiconductor industry and the future digital world in many emerging markets including MicroLED displays, power management and radio frequency, lasers, and quantum light sources.

Latest News

1 December 2022

Porotech co-founder, Prof. Rachel Oliver, receives £2.5m award from the Royal Academy of Engineering

Porotech co-founder, Prof. Rachel Oliver, has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies. The award includes a grant of £2.5m to support 10 years of R&D into the advanced porous Gallium Nitride (GaN) material platform which underpins the Porotech technology

25 October 2022

Porotech wins IOP Business Start-Up Award 2022

Porotech is delighted to have won a 2022 Business Start-Up Award from the Institute of Physics (IOP), which recognises some of the UK and Ireland’s most transformative new companies founded on physics innovations.

11 October 2022

Porotech announces world’s first “all-in-one” full-colour microLED display

Porotech, a global leader in microLED and Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, today announces the world’s first public demonstration of an “all-in-one” full-colour microLED display.